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Current annual production of rainbow trout is 1500 tons, and carried out in the pool on three breeding ponds: Ribnik, Jezero and Krupa na Vrbasu. The total water surface of ponds is 28,700 square meters.

Fish processing is performed in a facility located in the distribution center, 6 km from Banja Luka, while for the process of production, processing and selling fish we use our own fleet. With introduction of HACCP systems and traceability of our production, fish processing plant is registered for export fish to the EU, with export number R-3-011.


Production of trout in fish farms Ribnik is located about 150 meters below the source of Ribnik river. The crystal clear water of Ribnik in most of the year, is crucial for the production of salmonid fish.

Primary production refers to the rainbow trout, although we maintain the production of brown trout, and annually we spawn 12 million eggs.

Production of the parent fish, over spawn, larvae, young, and finally, consumer trout is carried out at this location.

Fish farm Ribnik has 14000m2 total useful water surface. Fish is fed with a high-quality extruded food, while impeccably organized production perform skilled workers with extensive experience in fish production.



Pond Jezero is placed on the River Pliva, which water quality and perennial flow is an ideal prerequisite for the successful production of trout.

The water temperature throughout the year is 9 degrees, with a total ponds water surface of 14000m2.



This fish farm produce annually about 50 tons of trout on a total water surface of 700m2.

Fish farm Krupa na Vrbasu is supplied by water from the river Krupa, who has very good physical and chemical properties for trout farming.



At the distribution center Klasnik, 6 km from Banja Luka, are administrative buildings, tanks for live fish (daily lager), and fish processing plant.

In the plant we clean, fillet, freeze, and smoke fish and produce unique products: smoked trout, smoked carp and fish hamburger from trout meat. We have chambers with the plus and minus regime.

With the application of latest technologies in the plant we also perform:
- Shocking, cleaning and packing fish in styropor crates with flaked ice;

- Fish filleting and vacuum packing;
- Smoking fish in special furnaces, thin slicing of smoked fillets, packing in vacuum bags and deep freezing.

All processes are carried out by applying the standards of food safety, HACCP, and all products are subject to constant analysis and measurements of the relevant institutions.
The introduction of HACCP systems and traceability of our production, we are registered to export fish to the EU with export No R-3-011.