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growing fish and producing healthy food

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Today, Tropic fisheries is the leading brand in the production and processing of California golden trout in the region.



We are the only active exporters of fish from Bosnia and Herzegovina to the markets of European Union.


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Our fish processing plant is IFS and HACCP certified, and we supply large market chains with fish and fish products.

About Company

Tropic fisheries, Ribnjak Janj Ltd. is a market-oriented company that guarantees high quality of its products and services and at the same time nurtures cooperation with partners and customers. The main industrial activity of the company is freshwater aquaculture (classification code 03.22) which includes the production, processing and sale of fish and fish products. The most important brand of Ribnjak Janj Ltd. is „Tropic ribarstvo“, as the company was called until 2013. It was founded in 1996, in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Today it is the leading brand in the production and processing of California golden trout in the region. Trout is produced in extremely clean rivers and processed in accordance with high standards, in strictly controlled food safety conditions. The fish processing plant has a capacity of 2,000 tons of fish products. It is used for cleaning trout and producing fish fillets, smoked fish and trout burgers. The total annual production is 1,500 tons of trout with a growing tendency of 10%.

Our fish processing plant, with IFS and HACCP certificates, is registered for the export of fish to the markets of European Union (export number is R-3-011). We have been working according to the principles of IFS standards for many years, so this certification came to us as a official confirmation of our products quality. With the introduction of IFS, we have entered the circle of suppliers of large retail chains, and that is further proof of our determination of providing safe and quality products. Primarily we offer fresh fish products, such as: cleaned and uncleaned trout, red trout fillet, packaged cleaned trout, smoked trout, fish burgers and frozen fish products. Our products are present on the regional markets (Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro), but also on the markets of Slovenia, Italy, Romania, Germany and Switzerland.

We have been present on the markets of CEFTA countries for over 20 years, and we have been actively exporting to the markets of the European Union for over 10 years, mostly to Italy, Slovenia and Croatia, occasionally to Switzerland and Romania. Exports make up over 60% of our total production. Our strategy is export-oriented and we are very interested in finding foreign partners in our further development.

Vision and Mission


Our vision is to become a leader in trout producing and processing on the Balkans, and even in Europe. In line with our vision, we are constantly expanding our facilities, which gives us an opportunity to grow and process a larger quantity of fish. The mission of Tropic fisheries is to produce trout in a clean and healthy environment. Our goal is to offer to our customers high quality products with a price that suits their budget. The values we cherish • Quality and safety of products • Continuous improvement of production, processing and fish products development • Building good work relationships with employees as well as with our customers • Respect for nature and natural resources that surround us • Participation in community development as well as in expanding a fishing industry The quality of our products is our number one priority, so we pay great attention to the introduction of new and continuous improvement of existing fish products. Our goal is to establish long-term cooperation with our clients, which will be based on trust and professionalism.

Economic mission

The economic mission of Tropic fisheries is making sustainability profitable and to constantly develop a market positioning strategy, both in the local and foreign markets. We want to provide security and positive work environment for all of our employees, with a strong emphasis on teamwork and with open opportunities for personal and professional development.

Social mission

The social mission of Tropic fisheries is active participation in the improvement of the community in which we operate, with an attention on the development of rural areas in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We strive selflessly to share our knowledge in fish production with all institutions and individuals who can influence the development of aquaculture in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Ecological mission

Our ecological mission is environmental protection, and it is focused on reducing waste, combating nature pollution, and natural resources conservation.

About Company

Basic Company Information

Full name: 
Ribnjak Janj fish farming and processing Ltd.
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Ribnjak Janj Ltd.
Vojvode Uroša Drenovića 105, Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Main industrial activity:
Fish production and trade
Legal entity type:
Private limited company
Zoran Tepić
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Raiffeisen bank d.d. BiH, Banja Luka
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Sberbank d.d.
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Nova banka
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Tropic fisheries

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Tropic fisheries


Tropic fisheries has 86 employees. We have been operating successfully for 20 years, and we strive to be even more successful and better. Aware of that employees are our greatest strength and that they are responsible for our current and future successes, we are constantly investing in the development of human resources. The dynamics of growth and expansion, as well as the size of our company enable diversity in work and provide an opportunity for professional and personal achievement to associates eager for knowledge and success, and to those who like to rest, relax, and spend a time with their friends and family. Tropic fisheries provide the possibility of secure and stable employment, social security, and an environment that values individual efforts. It supports teamwork and provides the possibility of constant learning and progress.

If you are a person who wants to find a job satisfaction, apply for one of our permanently open positions. In that way, your biography is becoming a part of our data base, and you are becoming our potential employees, that we will contact as needed. Our permanently open job positions are: Technologist, Sales representative, Accounts Administrator, Fish farm worker or driver in Banja Luka, Worker at fishponds in Volara, Volara II, Ribnik and Jezera.
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