Modern factory

high capacity production plant for fish processing and packaging

Fish processing

Fish processing

Distribution center KLAŠNIK

The most modern high-capacity fish processing and packaging plant in the area, Pogoi is located 6 km from Banja Luka, while its own fleet is used for the farming, processing and sale of fish. With the introduction of HACCP and IFS systems and traceability of our production, the fish processing plant is registered for the export of fish to the European Union, with export number R-3-011.

Tropic fisheries

Fish processing

In the distribution center Klashnik, 6 km from Banja Luka, there are pools for receiving live fish (daily stock) and a factory for fish processing. In the fish factory, we clean, fillet, deep-freeze, and smoke fish. Our products consist of smoked trout, smoked carp, and trout meat burger. There are also chambers with plus and minus modes. Besides the most modern technology in the factory, we also perform packaging as well as fish products in "MAP" packaging (packaging with the modified atmosphere). Shocking, cleaning, and packaging fish in Styrofoam tanks filled with flaky ice; fish filleting and packing in vacuum bags; smoking fish in special ovens, thin slicing of smoked fillet, packing in vacuum bags, and deep-freezing.

All processes are performed according to the food safety standards IFS and HACCP, and all products are subject to constant analysis and measurement by competent authorities. With the introduction of the HACCP system and the traceability of our production, we are registered for the export of fish to the European Union, under the export number R-3-011. The most important projects of our company in 2020 represent investments in both primary and secondary farming. The investments relate to the reconstruction and adaptation of a part of the fishpond in Ribnik, as well as to the reconstruction and equipping of the fish processing factory in the Klašnik distribution center. Some of the new products that we plan to place on all markets are "MAP" and "SKIN" equalized packaging of fresh fish and fish products.